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Koweit (Covidiot) – a neologism formed by the merger of the words Covid-19 and “idiot”. It can be described as alarmists, who are buying up buckwheat and toilet paper because of the coronavirus.


The term Covidiot (Covid-19 + Idiot) first appeared on the website Urban Dictionary March 16, 2020. The user of the encyclopedia suggested that the so call people who buy products because of the quarantine. And those who ignore the measures to ensure security.



Associated with the virus Kovid-19.

Someone who ignores warnings about public health or safety.

The person who buys goods, depriving them of their neighbors.

Examples: have You seen comidita, ku 300 rolls of toilet paper in the truck?

This kovideo hugs everyone he sees.

The reason for the appearance of a new word really was. In early March, in many countries began to panic because of the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19. Many people were sent to quarantine or advised to isolate themselves. To finding the house comfortable, people began to buy food and toilet paper. Moreover, in such quantities, that they really began to disappear from the stores.

In social networks, of course, ridiculed such people. Now they have an official nickname. It is the word “Koweit” (Covid-19 + “idiot”).

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Author: AlenaSexi