The woman sang for Shallow blogger in the metro and famous

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The blogger asked passers-by to continue the song. Cute blonde deep sang and was the owner of a beautiful voice. The video became viral, the singer was invited on Ellen DeGeneres, and on her instagram signed 600 thousand people.

Minute of fame came to the singer from London, when she was approached by blogger Kevin Freshwater. He approached strangers and asked to continue different well-known songs. A pretty blonde in the subway went to the Shallow song, which Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper played in the movie “a Star is born”.

The woman was the owner of a beautiful voice, her performance captivated the users of the network. The video became viral.

The guy really found a random person on the street, and she sang Shallow is better than Gaga, but the execution for the film. I’m so ashamed…

Pretty quickly it became clear that the heroine of the video Oberi name is Charlotte (Charlotte Awbery). She lives in Essex and works as a singer at weddings and other events. Charlotte plays covers and writes his own songs.

Video accident in the subway has changed Charlotte’s life. On her instagram signed 600 thousand people. That’s more than blogger Kevin, who made her famous.

Женщина спела Shallow

Женщина спела Shallow

Charlotte was invited on Ellen DeGeneres, where she performed the song Shallow like a real star. On the show Charlotte gave gifts: annual travel on the subway in London and 10 thousand British pounds.

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The singer denied allegations that the video was staged. She told me that she came to meet a friend, and at the exit of the subway met her blogger. And this meeting changed the life of miss Obere.

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Author: AlenaSexi