Owl ran for the camera and became the totem animal for many

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In the English-speaking segment of Twitter has gained popularity of the movie, where the owl ran through the house. The bird looks very funny, and subdued the people. They come up with a situation in which people look like.

User @NewYorkNeek 7 Feb posted a Twitter video with a running owl. Owl ran across the room and stood before removing her person.

None of you ever saw running owl

The video received 1.2 million likes, it was watched by 23.7 million times. Run owls came as a surprise to many, people began to liken her to a variety of situations.

When I see the waiter with the food on the buffet table

When I hear that someone said that he knows how to reverse this strange spell that turned me into an owl

Others began to add to the video with owl audio track. In order to make the bird similarities with the brash guy from the area.

I added something to this video with a traveling owl

Running the owl began to call meme. Perhaps she will be able to repeat the success surprised white owlthat says O RLY?

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Author: AlenaSexi