Awkward disco. Dictonary freeze in colorful video

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The TikTok app gained popularity of videos where people freeze in situations of awkwardness. The background is a track Lil Wayne “Mrs. Officer” and the changing colored lights.

It all started with a video of the wearer’s @eboyalisha. The girl starred with his mother working in the police.

@eboyalisha♬ original sound – jdwavy

When I’m honest with my mom and randomly talk about something illegal that was done my friends

The video got 1.7 million likes. Other dictonery also began to show embarrassment from your life and add to them disco lights.

@ethanarmentamy anxiety goes 📈 #fyp #foryoupage #chooseone #AsGoodAsTheOG #photography101 #viral #xyzbca #xyzcba #trending #foryou♬ original sound – jdwavy

When you talk to someone, and then you interrupt phrase: “Can I ask you something?”

@charismaticblackgalchill i was trying to see what time it is 😫 wait can i have a hot cheeto doe 👁 #fyp #hardwork♬ original sound – jdwavy

When I look back to the class for half a second and nasty Chicks screaming: “what are you looking At here?!”

@scottkress_gotta go get some whiteout I guess #fyp #foryou♬ original sound – jdwavy

When you write on the wall the names of the new followers, but someone I have managed to write, evading

People have done some sort of memnik templates in the style of “My face when…”.

@raenaa12this was so awkward to make #foryou giannaraimondi thecavinlafido stevenudy2♬ original sound – jdwavy

When you discuss something personal and understand that everyone in the class was silent and watching your drama

@chrisellelimTrying to make baby#3 here but the kids won’t let us!! 😂 #awkwardmoments #parents #parenting #loveisintheair #couple #momlife♬ original sound – jdwavy

When you think the children fell asleep, and I’m going to have sex. But suddenly a knock on the door and shout, Mom!

@ryaniscryingI think of the funniest things at the WORST times😳#touchdowncelebration #toonme #foryou♬ original sound – jdwavy

I’m trying to keep a straight face when the teacher tells a sad story, and the voices in my head suddenly decided to become comedians

The idea of stopping for the video is not new on the Internet. In 2016, was a blockbuster Dummy challenge, in which people stood like mannequins in a variety of places and situations.

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Author: AlenaSexi