Peyton Of Marmier

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Mormaer of Peyton (Payton Moormeier) – popular blogger from Tiktok, the owner of the account with 10 million subscribers.

Who is Peyton of Marmier

Payton was born July 28, 2003 in California. At the age of 16 years. The guy lives with his parents: Chris and Joanne. He has a sister named faith.

Peyton of Murkier still going to school, but by-law may be referred to as a star of the Internet. Verified account TikTok he received in 2017. Then for a short period he managed to gain 3 million subscribers.

The famous Payton of Marmier

Peyton is artistic and charismatic guy. He writes short dance video and lip-sinki. In addition, the blogger often shares with followers the details of his life.

Prior to his career in Tictoc Payton was a member of the gymnastic group JrElite. Experience in choreography and bright appearance did the trick. In 2017, Payton embarked on a solo career and it has paid off.

@paytoni don’t really luv her🎸

♬ cookin up trendzzzzz – 3.points

Now for his techokami watched by over 10 million people. The guy posts videos, each of which gathers from 300 to 900 thousand views.

Memes about Payton

In Runet Peyton of Marmier is one of the favorites. For his Tiktaka closely teenagers, someone is trying to imitate him. It could not make a mark in the Internet culture. Therefore, many communities have begun to spread memes with Payton.

In memorial to Payton dual attitude. Some put it on par with famous idols, others ridicule and Hatt. But this does not prevent 16-year-old boy to be the most charming ticketron.


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