Charlie Damelio

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Charlie Damelio (Charli D’amelio) – 16-year-old blogger from Tiktok, famous for his dance video. On her channel in a short time has accumulated more than 23 million subscribers.

Biography Charlie Damelio

Charlie was born on may 1, 2004 in Connecticut. At the moment she is only 16 years old. The girl lives with her parents: mark and Heidi D Amelio. Sister Charlie’s name is Dixie she is also a popular tikekar.

Charlie D Amelio began his career with a simple plot dance “Move With Joy”. It was a simple choreography from the girls joy. Charlie repeated the motion and it was pleasant to the audience. The first video got 2 million views.

Dancing Charlie noticed a famous singer Bebe Rex. The woman offered blogersha to take part in her concert with The Jonas Brothers. A movie in which Charlie dances with Rexall, quickly became viral. It brought ticktockers more fame.

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In 2019, Charlie along with his sister came to HYIP house, organized another ticketron – chase Hudson. HYIP house is a community of bloggers who live in the same house.

Familiarity with chase brought the girl not only additional step in your career, but also a personal relationship. Already for anybody not a secret that chase and Charlie are Dating. Together they write funny titoki, increasing your audience.


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Author: AlenaSexi