Shakira showed language Superbowl and broke into memes

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Singer Shakira showed the language in his speech at Superbowl with Jennifer Lopez. People are so impressed that they began to distribute the fragment and turned it into a meme.

The final of the National football League (super bowl) was held in Miami on February 2. This is one of the most popular sporting events in the United States, it have to be a world star. This year the halftime show showed Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

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Netizens noticed at the time when Shakira showed language on camera. During the songs she performed something like a battle cry of the Indians.

Not sure what made Shakira, but still look at it

The clip, in which Shakira showed language, scattered across the network. People have compared singer with them in everyday life.

I look in the mirror in the bathroom at the bar

I see babies when I’m trying to make them laugh

Turkeys before thanksgiving

Bitches embarrassed to eat in front of their Boyfriends. I lick the plate clean, just like Shakira

Thank you Shakira for my new alarm clock

Social media remembered about the other characters who have shown language and made similar sounds. For example, about spongebob while hunting for jellyfish.

Nobody in the whole world:

Shakira: Break from Pepsi

Shakira when she stick her tongue out

Or Vitas, who came to give this song.

The super bowl is not the first time becomes a source of memes. On the performance of Katy Perry as follows annealed dancing shark. And Justin Timberlake directly during the performance, photographed the boy from the audience and became famous.

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Author: AlenaSexi