Jacque Fresco

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Jacque fresco is an American engineer and futurist, who in Runet hero abstract memes. Most often parody pictures with his quotes. Also, the meme fresco compared with the Tambov grandfather aka “I’m a soccer ball”.


It is unknown where and when the first memes about Jacque fresco. Mass this trend began at the end of 2019. In January 2020 memes about Fresca strengthened its growth.

Жак Фреско мем

Jacque fresco – the initiator of the idea of a resource-based economy. He believed that all natural resources should be the common property of all the inhabitants of the planet. Fresco coined the movement “the Venus Project” to implement these ideas. Popular his thoughts made the documentary “Zeitgeist”.

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The meme mocked pictures with real quotes of Jacque fresco. But instead of them write any abstract nonsense, quotes from other memes, etc.

Also by Jacque fresco compared with the hero of the viral video, known as the Tambov grandfather. So the meme is often found the phrase “soccer ball”.

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The value

Memes about Jacque fresco postironic and makes fun of pseudo-intellectuals who share the thoughts of a futurist. But most often these memes are meaningless and just a parody of his quotes.

Parody pictures with quotes – popular genre of memes. At the time, ridiculed the statements of Keanu Reeves, Jason Statema and postcards with wolves.


Жак Фреско мем


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