Main memes Jan 2020

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January 2020 was full of grim news: the threat of a Third world war, fires in Australia, coronavirus in China. Cynical memes to kind of help people cope with this. Also in trend was Andrei Petrov and Artemy Lebedev, girl-Doumer and Sully from “monsters, Inc.”. Main memes January 2020 in the traditional compilation “of Mamapedia”.

Coronavirus from China

The Chinese city of Wuhan became the epicenter of the novel coronavirus, which according to the who died 170 people. The cases recorded worldwide, including in Russia.

And although experts say that the virus is not so terrible, the social media spreads panic and memes about the imminent extinction of humanity.

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Burning Australia

Fires in Australia began in August 2019. But in January 2020 has set a record, just vyhodilo 20 million hectares of territories, 24 people were killed and about a billion wild animals.

To fight the fires Sertolovo money celebrities, models sent nutsy those who transferred money to save Australia, artists painted pictures to help raise funds.

The third world

In early January, when many have departed from the celebration of the New year, trending hashtag escaped WWIII. World war III began to discuss the network after the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani of the American military. Well that jokes were only jokes.

Prime Minister Mishustin

Surprise was the resignation of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the government. The head of the government was Mikhail Mishustin, who was in charge of the Federal tax service.

Network users it was hard not to joke about that one premiere with the bear’s name was replaced with another. And remember memes with Dmitry “no Money” Medvedev and the other Ministers.

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Dolly Parton Challenge

Actress and singer Dolly parton, probably, did not know what a storm will cause his post on instagram. Dolly showed how different it looks in Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder.

The trend was quickly picked up by other celebrities and ordinary netizens. People liked to compare typical images in different social networks and find patterns.

For example, Facebook and Linkedin people trying to appear serious, on instagram – to show the best side of his life, and the tinder is to be as sexy.

Died and died

Designer and blogger Artemy Lebedev often uses a cynical sense of humor and loves to shock the audience. On his YouTube channel he releases related to current news, and when someone dies, often repeats: “Well, he died, and died”.

In January 2020, this phrase has become increasingly diverge in Runet. As a rule, it reinforces a picture of Lebedev, where the blogger shows a blatant indifference.

Dissatisfied With Andrew Petrov

Tikekar Volodya XXL blew portal statements about wanting to kill all gays. Because of the huge number of complaints he was banned Tiktok and instagram. But Dylan did not stop and went on interviews to openly gay Andrei Petrov.

Petrov not only smashed the homophobic nines, but conquered the network users, their bright makeup and jewelry. They said that that’s what the typical teacher or cashier. And unhappy Petrov became a meme.

Hto me?

Vladimir Zelensky is not only touching congratulated Ukrainians with the New year, but also gave users network another meme. He urged everyone to think: “Who am I?” And it turned out that people ask this question more often than one might think.


In January, popular memes about the girl-Doumer. Dumarami in the West called the dark confined adolescents tend to use alcohol and drugs. Artists began to create artworks to share with the heroine of memes, many girls began to cosplay as her image.

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Happy Sally

Mike wazowski borrowed his friend Sally, and became one of the main memes of 2019. But in January 2020 Sally began to regain positions on memnum field. Popular steel frame with happy Sally, which covers the eyes.

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