Celebrities in colorful costumes at the Grammys-2020 become pokemon trainers

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Artist from Indonesia ray Pratiwi turned Ailes Billy, Billy porter, Ariana Grande and Lil NASA trainers pokemon. The author was inspired by the colorful costumes, which celebrity appeared on the Grammy-2020.

The ceremony music Grammy awards took place on 27 January 2020. The main winner was Billy Iles. She won once in five categories.

The show was memorable vivid images in which there are many stars. Footage from a carpet was spread on social networks. Most often, were discussing outfits most Ilis Billy and rapper Lil Nas X.


The present furor is an American singer Billy porter. He came to the prize in a hat with a sliding curtain of fringe.

Four added Ariana Grande. Her gray oversized dress, too, was at the hearing.

All of these celebrities have received jokes on Twitter. For example, the fact that they look like villains from the Batman universe. Or heroes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Билли Айлиш на Грэмми-2020

Why do they all look like the new villains from “the Batman”?

But the artist ray Pratiwi inspired others by comparison. Someone introducedthat four stars in their outfits remind me of pokemon trainers. On the basis of this joke appeared a series of artifacts.

Here Billy Iles in black and green suit. She is the lady of the poisonous pokemon type. Next to it is a rare poppy from the region of Alol.

Билли Айлиш на Грэмми 2020

X Lil Nas in a pink suit exactly a lover of the magic of pokemon. And his companion – Granbell.

Лил Нас Грэмми

Grey Grande impersonates the Ghost-type pokemon. For Example, Dusknoir.

Ариана Гранде Грэмми

Finally, Billy porter in his blue outfit – trainer pokemon of the ice type. And next to him is a gracious Glaceon.

Билли Портер мем

Pokemon often inspire artists to unusual arts. Pocket monsters well out of Disney. And how do you pokemon, created based on memes?

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Author: AlenaSexi