Fitness is my life

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My fitness life (Fitness is my passion) meme with a chubby boy who is sitting on the edge of the pool.


Meme with the boy near the pool for the first time appeared in social networks in September 2019. Then sites Me.Me, 9Gag and iFunny aviruses picture with the text:

Фитнес моя жизнь

I once drank 1 glass of water:

“Fitness is my passion”.

In January 2020 the format is remembered on Reddit. In several sections began to appear memes with a chubby boy. The inscription “Fitness is my life” imposed on a picture like this meme has become canonical.

In Runet different translate meme. In some embodiments, it is possible to meet inscriptions “Sport is my life” and “Fitness is my passion”. Sometimes I write just “Fitness”.

The value

The meme makes fun of people who talk a lot about healthy lifestyles, but few do. For example, when someone is eating burgers from McDonald’s, but refuses to “Coke” because it is “harmful”.


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Author: AlenaSexi