Tikekar homophobic Volodya XXL met with Andrei Petrov

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Trends YouTube has led the production of the show “Cannon”, which met an openly gay Andrei Petrov and tikekar Vova Goryainov (Volodya XXL). Blogger from Kursk became widely known after he called for killing gays.

The issue of “Guns” was published on January 12, he has already collected 872 thousand views. First, Petrov asked Goryainov about his song promotion in Tictoc and earnings. But then went on to discuss the acclaimed video about gays.

Goryainov believes that did not call to kill gays, but only expressed their opinions. Their views, he explains that grew up and lives in the province, and “his upbringing”.

The LGBT community develops coordinated small leather goods in St. Petersburg and in Moscow. If you came to Kursk to us, you would do on the street did notVova Goryainov

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Volodya XXL believes that the negative reaction in the network after his remarks about gays — is scheduled baiting. Petrov believes that it is natural after such words.

Scandalous video of gay men went online a week ago. Vova answered the question, subscribers will about his attitude to the LGBT community. The blogger called the question stupid and said that the attitude towards gays has a negative “up to boy”.

If I had the chance <…>, I would have shot all those smelly people. I don’t understand why they even liveVova Goryainov

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Due to the huge number of strikes and instagram Tictoc Volodya XXL blocked, but the reposts of the video remained in the network.

In social networks actively discussing Petrov interview with a homophobe. Many are in awe of how Andrew managed to keep his composure.

Андрей Петров и Вова Горяинов Володя XXL

In 2019 Andrey Petrov, not only openly admitted his orientation, but has released a rap clip Pidor, which, in particular, made fun of homophobes.

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