What is a Bimbo and bibiical

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Bimbo (Bimbo) is a slang term that describes the sexy and addicted to the beauty of the girls. Their interests are reduced to frivolous hedonism, “the hunt” for men and permanent cosmetic procedures.

How did the term “Bimbo”

This word is not new. So in the early 20th century called rude and stupid people. In the United States as a result of sexual emancipation thus began to identify girls who lead a frivolous lifestyle.

In wide use, the word came after the movie “Beauty”, which in the original sounds like Bimboland. The main character (an anthropologist), there is met with a typical Bimbo. She in turn shows her what can be “chic” and rich life.

Frame from the movie BimboLand

Who are the bimbos?

Bimbo is a girl who are obsessed with their beauty. They do plastic surgery, constantly sitting in beauty salons. They are always in search of wealthy men. Sex for one night for them is normal.

Typically, these girls are not endowed with great intelligence. We have these called “stupid blondes” or TP-shkami. Dolls, fify, flirt — all bimbo.

кто такие бимбо

From bimbo girls there is an unwritten code. They are:

  • understand the industry of beauty and fashion
  • not afraid to be a fool
  • do not miss the opportunity to charm any man, even married
  • do not envy anyone
  • not interested in the opinions of others
  • love your body and your appearance

What is bibiical?

Bibiical (Bimbofication) — in a broad sense is a type of fetish where men prefer natural beauty, and “puppet”. To guys important perfect body, big Breasts, long hair, makeup, etc.

бимбо пинап
Pin-Up — is also a bimbo

Also Bibiical — a genre of art online. The so-called exaggerated caricatures in which the people or characters portrayed in the image of sexy beauties.


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