Hac, stronk, shef. A businessman from meme Stonks became a hacker, a juicer and a cook

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Meme Stonks 3D model of man in the jacket has evolved. People remake popular format, using different words and situations. So, from a businessman surreal character turned into a chef (shef), hacker (hac) and pitching (stronk).

First parody Stonks appeared in the summer of 2019, when the meme has become widely popular all over the world. The people selected consonant words, such as Stinks or Stronk (in most cases, they are written with a deliberate error).

Мем Stronk

Мем Spooks

When the plate of chocolates says “take one”, but you take two.

Spooks (“scares”).

When the little old ladies in the Park ran out of bread, and you eat the little old woman.

Honks (“turning”).

The word Stonks had not previously existed. This distortion from stoks, i.e. “promotions”. The hero meme is on the interface of the stock market. Format pokes fun at the dubious business ideas, and attachments.

Meme was quite popular for a long time. But by the end of the year ceased to be relevant. Suddenly, in the beginning of 2020 format alive with new interpretations.

Shef and other parodies

It all started with a post of a redditor SuperStryker7 who dressed 3D-head in the costume of the chef. And Stonks turned to Shef (the word is also distorted, in the original “chef” is written as chef).

Shef meme stonks

When the recipe says “Cod”, but all you got is Battlefield

(Cod is translated as “Cod,” but also is an abbreviation for the game Call of Duty).

Format similar to memes about Gordon Ramsay, stuck. Soon there are new options.

Shef мем

11-year-old, when I put the fries in the Burger

Shef мем

Shef мем

Shef мем

After Shef went and other parodies. For example Hac — Pro hacker.

Hac meme

Stonks meme

When Stonks meme is starting to die, and your memes are worthless.

Stinks (“stinks”).

In Runet updated meme is also lit up, but not all utilize it correctly. Some memory literally translate the word Shef, but it lost all irony. So instead of “chef” there must be at least “chief”.

мем шеф

Old memes often come back in new formats. It happened to a meme about the duct tape. If the original man stick a hole in the tank using super tape, then in the new version of the water breaks through not only the patch, but hand.

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