Timothy removed the vertical clip from the flashmob

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Rapper Timati used in his new clip from #KikiChallenge. Last summer, people jumped out of cars on the go and danced to the track of Drake In My Feelings. Timothy mentioned the name of Kiki, and mercury retrograde and TikTok.

New clip Timati’s called “I’m in a jeep”. He came on the YouTube channel of rapper 2 Dec. The clip and track are very different from the usual creativity of the rapper. The clip is filmed very budget, track little text and a lot of bits.


Ahead of the cops

I’m going on the jeep

[embedded content]

The video is shot like #KikiChallenge, he #InMyFeelingsChallenge. In the summer of 2018, people began to jump out of cars and dancing on camera to a song Drake-In My Feelings.

Then dancing to Drake’s started doing in others, not intended for dancing, places. The challenge picked up by major bloggers and international celebrities. For Example, Will Smith.

Timothy mentioned the name Kiki in your track. He also has references to the retrograde mercury. It became a meme, the belief that the phases of mercury affect people. And perhaps with the desire to attract a younger audience, Timothy scattered Smarties, mentioning the app TikTok.

Тимати еду на джипе

This is the first clip Timati after a disastrous clip “Moscow” taken together with the Body. Rappers accused of corruption and work on the power, and the video set a record for dislikes in the Russian segment of YouTube.

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Author: AlenaSexi