Dead cat Lil bub. She has become internationally popular even before Grumpy Cat

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Cat Lil bub (Lil Bub) died on 1 December 2019, this instagram told her boss Mike Bridavsky. Animal lifelong suffering with a bone disease and received non-standard appearance due to genetic mutations. But that’s what allowed him to become the world’s most famous cat is still up to General insanity on Grumpy Cat.

Кошка Лил Баб умерла

On Sunday morning, December 1, 2019, we have lost the purest, most kind and most magical life force on our planet. The women were cheerful and full of love when lying in the bed with us Saturday night, but suddenly died quietly in his sleep.

Lil bub was born June 21, 2011. In November, her owner, musician Mike Bridavsky, posted on YouTube the first video. It kitten sneaks in the apartment before the attack on camera.

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On the same day Bridavsky launched a blog about her kitten on Tumblr. For six months, Lil bub became popular largely due to their appearance.

The cat was born with genetic mutations: dwarfism, polydactylism (more fingers on the legs). In addition, at the age of 1 year she was diagnosed with osteopetrosis, and she was the first cat diagnosed with bone disease.

кошка лил баб

World fame came to Lil bub in may 2012. The Internet is already selling t-shirts and postcards with her portrait. The Western media wrote about it as an Internet phenomenon.

And only six months it will Eclipse another cat — Grumpy Cat. Many believe that if not Lil bub, Tardar about sad so no one would know. Lil bub was the first cat that gained worldwide fame.

lil bub and grumpy cat
Lil bub away from Grumpy cat

For your life Lil bub took part in a TV show, write a book. She had a website, and later accounts in social networks. And a lot, a lot of memes. Now on her instagram signed by more than 2.4 million people. In addition, the phenomenon of Lil bub helped in collecting donations for the needs of the homeless and sick animals. Cat was involved in innovative genetic and biological studies and helped to collect more than 700 thousand dollars.

Лил Баб

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