Account of the ancient Sizov

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Account of the ancient Sizov is a local meme movement SHUYA, which comes from the accounts of ancient Rus. Scientist Yuri Rybnikov invented it and claims that in ancient times people thought so.


Account of ancient Rus came up with a scientist and teacher George S. Rybnikov. He says in the lectures that before the Rus considered the following:

zero, a ruble, a penny, a quarter, ounces, Ludovico, Mediacom, Celebracion, slotnick, deviation, desatascos.

счет древних русов

In fact, it’s a complete myth Rybnikova. In the scientific community it is not taken seriously. However, he continues to lecture and go to the TV channels.

In 2015, Rybnikov became the First educational channel. The interview, entitled “Science as a means to indoctrinate the inhabitants of the Earth” sold on the Internet.

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A few years later on YouTube made a parody of this video. So there was an account of the ancient Sizov. This is a reference to the subculture SHUYA (Schizoid way one).

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Account of the ancient Sizov is:

zero, the ruble, chekushku, porn, perdushka, sasireka, bug, mudachok, fuck on the collar, silly, EVERYTHING.


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