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SHUYA PCA — a subculture of people who argue that schizophrenia does not exist, and schizophrenics — ordinary people with innovative thinking. SHUYA stands for “Schizophrenic way one” or “Schizoid way of one.” PCA — the way of the empty syringe. In 2019, the movement SHUYA became popular thanks to postoronnim memes.


The acronym HIVE (Sizominy way single) — a reference to the meme of U. A. E (United way of the Prisoner). In a broad sense, it means the unity of people who consider themselves to be schizophrenic and to justify its inadequacy. Followers SHUYA urge people to refuse treatment, I hate psychiatrists and partly due to the parody religion of Abdulbari.

The major terms and slogans:

PCA — Let the empty syringe. The meaning of the rejection of medical treatment.

SPS — Schizo help Shizu. Meaning in mutual support of followers SHUYA.

The power of shiz, the death of nurses. Shiza hate nurses that treated against their will.

Grandson Elkina — video blogger, youtuber, who writes very strange videos. Believes that in a short time schizophrenics will rule the world. He calls himself the grandson of Alexander Elkina — Soviet scientist.

внук елькина
The Grandson Of Elkina
Александр Иосифович Елькин
Alexander Iosifovich Elkin

Gang Elkina under the court — a reference to the political slogan “Yeltsin’s Gang under court”. So the opposition of the 1990-ies was opposed to Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

Abdulamir — invented religion, focused on the persecution of bloggers. In the center of worship — the actor Alexander Abdulov, who died in 2008. It is believed that Abdulov was a bad person, it is a kind of Satan of abdulajanov. Religion invented a Holiness that became its prophet. The other mythical figure, he is also a searching preacher. But nobody really knows who it really is. There are versions that the Holiness and Grandson Elkina is one and the same person. More details about this movement, read on Lurke.


Ansha Abdul — greeting adherents Abdulbary, the local version of the “zig Haylya”.

Boletus — sinners Abdulbary. The term comes from the name of the blogger Wanamassa (Ivan Maslakov), which is considered along with the Ozone one of the main sinners.

Party “party” — the party created by the grandson of the Elkina. He is a digital leader. “The party” is committed to ensuring that human labor was replaced by robots.

Beborn Holy book of abdulajanov. A mixture of the Bible with the Koran.

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The Revival Of Abdulbari. SHUYA PCA

The very wording of SHUYA appeared not so long ago, in September 2018. It was soporcel great “Grandson Elkina”.

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But the story behind the meme about SHUYA PCA, goes far in 2010-2013. It all started with Abdulbary — Internet-religion, which succeeded Upyachka. In fact, it is 99% trolling, but with the spread of ideas there are people who take everything seriously.

Abdulameer been a very local meme 2010-2013. However, in 2018 things have changed and the movement was gaining popularity under the guise of SHUYA PCA. However, the current abdulbary do not recognize their involvement in SHUYA.

It is believed that the Grandson Elkina — this is Abdul, who returned to revive the religion. He created the party “the Party” and a few groups in “Vkontakte” (Antibacterial, Abdolrezaee). With their help, began to spread memes about schizophrenics, medics, Holiness, etc.

For the year SHUYA has become quite a mass phenomenon. In September-October 2019 memes of this plan reached its peak. Largely due to meme about the doctor and Durkee.

Account of the ancient Sizov

Account of the ancient Sizov — local meme SHUYA, the reference to the “account of ancient Rus”. It was invented by scientist and teacher George S. Rybnikov.

Rybnikov believes that the ancient Rus had their unique numbers: zero, a ruble, a penny, a quarter, ounces, Ludovico, Mediacom, Celebracion, slotnick, deviation, desatascos.

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The scientific community does not take longevity seriously. It’s kind of a freak, a scientist, and Maestro Panasenkov. And his “account of ancient Rus” — a complete fiction. However, Rybnikov writes books, teaches at the University and comes on TV.

In one of these he appeared in 2015. And there is again repeated his account.

After a few years the record rewired, turning it into a meme. And the account of ancient Rus turned to account the ancient Sizov. It is as follows: zero, the ruble, chekushku, porn, perdushka, sasireka, bug, mudachok, fuck on the collar, silly.

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SHUYA — is it serious?

As in the case with Evgeny Panasenko, worship SHUYA and Abdulbari — top trolling. It is possible that the Grandson Elkina really ill with schizophrenia, and earnestly carries all this nonsense. And in his circle have some of the same adherents. But the bulk of his followers are teenagers who turn everything into postoronniy.

шуе ппш


Memes about SHUYA PCA

The main meme subculture SHUYA at the moment is a nurse. It is painted in the style of Rage-comic man in hat. He is the main enemy Sizov and wants of all place in Durkee.

Врач и дурка

Memes with the doctor become popular in the fall of 2019. The force launched public Е8АТЬ.


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Author: AlenaSexi