Baby Yoda includes music in a new meme

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Little Iodine from the TV series “Mandalore” again became a meme. Twitter severoceska the format of a short video in which a little Iodine turns the music on the ship.

It all started with parody user @xoGlitterTV, who put on an excerpt from the film the music of Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz’s “Get Low”. In the story of a 4 episode mini-Yoda just playing with the dashboard, and Mandalore trying to deny him. But if you add music, it turns out a lot funnier.

In a few hours, Twitter users have circulated a format. Baby Yoda had to listen to lots of songs. From Whitney Houston to “Trololo”.

A flashmob came up to Runet. In Russia Iodic listened to “the Beekeeper”. And harmful Mandalore can understand.

A few more examples:

Little Yoda has won the hearts of viewers in the first episode of “Mandalore”. It quickly made a meme, and then again when I saw the baby drinking soup from a Cup.

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Author: AlenaSexi