Baby Yoda drinking from a Cup

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Baby Yoda drinking from a Cup (sipping tea Baby Yoda Baby Yoda drinking soup) meme with the hero of the series “Mandalore”, the little green creature. Baby slurps the soup from a Cup and watching what happens. The meme expresses the calm observer, whose eyes is something strange or terrible.


12 Nov 2019 streaming service Disney+ released the first four episodes of the series “Mandalore” in the universe of “Star wars.” Viewers immediately noticed a small satellite of mandalore, green creature from a race of Jedi master Yoda. It was christened the little Yoda and turned into a meme.

On November 29 in a fan-made Twitter account @AdoptedBabyYoda published SFII, where Little Iodine drinking from a Cup. The tweet received 213 thousand likes.

Baby Yoda and his soup is a new meme about the tea party. I’m telling you

Other netizens also rushed to compare a toddler with a Cup with an old meme where Kermit the frog drinking tea.

Meme with Kermit began to declare dead and to welcome the baby Iodine. Many Twitter users came up with their names to the scenes with Yoda and a Cup.

Looking for buyers during black Friday as baby Yoda

Малыш Йода пьет из чашки

Any mom when she watches you open presents on Christmas morning

Малыш Йода пьет из чашки

Look like my neighbor is going to go hang out in the evening

The value

The expression sipping tea (sipping tea, sipping tea) in the English language has many meanings, says Urban Dictionary. First of all, it means that a person observes something, but does not intervene. However, she feels interest in the topic. The expression can mean indifference and deliberate neglect.

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All these options of interpretation applicable to a meme about a little Yoda and a Cup. The caption to the meme can vary greatly.


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