Main memes Nov 2019

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The fall resulted in a meme about Garik Kharlamov and Christina Asmus, a discussion of cybertrek Elon musk, disputes between boomers and sumeragi. Oh and not to melt looking at the little Yoda and fat cat Victor. Main memes Nov in traditional selection “of Mamapedia”.

Kharlamov — cuckold

In November, the Russians suddenly got a little sex ed class. Even those who didn’t know the word “cuckold”, learned it by duceram and Garik Kharlamov. The wife of Garik Christina Asmus has done a sex scene in the film Text. On the Internet it started to discuss and condemn the comedian tried to defend his wife.

But it has had the opposite effect. Anonymous with the “Dacha” were called Kharlamov cuckoldom. This nickname quickly spread on the Internet and overshadowed the many other memes of November. And if Gary and will be able to get rid of it, it will happen very soon.

Главные мемы ноября 2019

Boomers and summery

In memes Nov 2019 powerfully rushed the theme of confrontation between generations. It all started with the meme “Okay Boomer”, which is used to indicate stacherski the behavior of the opponent.

Главные мемы ноября 2019

Then more and more users of the network have learned about the theory of generations: the boomers, the y’s, the Millennials and sumerah. In addition, the active came into common use similar words generally not associated with the names of the different generations.

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Came to online war fathers and children, memes and news on this subject continue to appear. And most likely we’ll be seeing jokes about boomers and buzzer until at least the end of the year.

Little Iodine

Even those who have not watched the TV series “Mandalore” across the universe “Star wars” and saw a little creature similar to Yoda. Fans argue whether this is it or just another representative of the race.

Главные мемы ноября 2019

And ordinary netizens are touched by the baby and saw Yoda memes. Here handy theme boomers and buzzer, because you can compare little Yoda with a large.

Kojima Stranding and Death

In November came the Death of Stranding, over which iconic game designer Hideo kojima worked more than three years. Tired of waiting fans rushed to play and share experiences online. Particularly active have started to cosplay as the main character Sam.

Главные мемы ноября 2019

Kojima the attention of the fans apparently like it. He tried on the bomber jacket with the words “Genius” from “Vkontakte” and estimated the Death Stranding filter for instagramcreated by the Russian designer.

кодзима инстаграм

Daniel are you crazy

In November the public “Vkontakte” and the Russian-speaking segment of Twitter got a little crazy. Blame the old TV show “you Give youth” Herman and Daniel. Exaggerated metrosexuals who have all superb, have become popular again. And it grabl, because you can be nostalgic and still be in trend.

данила ты крейзи

Cybertrek Mask

Ilon <the Son of my mother’s friends> Musk introduced the Tesla electropica Cybertrack. And such a machine was not expecting anyone. Some are in awe of angular design and call it superfuturistic. Other joke on cybertracker, compare it with drawings and Lego blocks.


These disputes made cybertrek Mask one of the most discussed topics Nov. Because memes and photoshopped pics with him turned out funny and bright.

Cat Victor against Aeroflot

Fat cat Victor, who was not allowed into the cabin of “Aeroflot” has received the love and support from around the world. The resourceful owner replaced the cat at the weigh-in and still managed to fly with him. For that lost bonus miles.

кот виктор

Man not mad, but netizens shocked by the strict rules and disloyalty of the airline to the customer. All stood as one in defense of the Victor, made memes and scolded “Aeroflot”. Now everyone knows that bro is not Luggage.

Tumbleweed Reeves

Keanu Reeves in this year’s king of surprises. He not only became a character in Cyberpunk 2077, but managed at the presentation of the game to give us the meme “You’re amazing”. In November, the media reported that Keanu — the most avid Hollywood bachelor became engaged with her friend Alexandra Grant.

It would seem, any longer. But when the first trailer of the cartoon “Sponge Bob run”, we learned that Keanu Reeves will play a tumbleweed. And share with Patrick and spongebob with his wisdom.

киану ривз перекати поле

Round logos cities

The Russians are not used to the idiotic design and cut of the budget. But the round logo of Saint-Petersburg with the transfer of the name of the city 7 million surprised many.

Netizens saw an endless field for creativity. And began to do a circular logo that mimics the logo of Saint-Petersburg, Because in Russia there are many cities names that can be ridiculous to carry.

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