O may Gad Daniel are you crazy

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O may Gad Daniel are you crazy — a phrase from the sketch show “you Give youth”, which says Herman. In social networks, a frame from the transmission to the signature became postironic meme.


From 2009 to 2013 on STS channel out sketch show “you Give youth”. The authors — natives of KVN team “Maximum”. One of the regular characters of the show are metrosexuals Herman and Daniel. Their roles were played by Michael Bashkatov and Andrey burkovsky.

Herman and Daniel arrogant, fashion conscious and stylishly dressed. Their trick is to say words in English style, and insert them at random. For example, Gratl (greatable), On may gadam (Oh, my goddable!), Neveroyatnoe etc. Some of them even entered everyday speech, you often hear the word “superb” in an ironic context. And design “On may gambl or About may garbl” has long been used as a meme.

о май гадбл

In the autumn of 2019, the phrase “Oh Mai Gad Daniel, are you crazy?” became a meme in the “Vkontakte”. It is used in conjunction with promo-the-scenes TV show. In fact, in this design, the phrase was not used in the show. Herman many times and in different series said, “On may gadam” and “crazy” — a favorite word of Daniel.

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It is not known when and who invented this meme. His peak of popularity came at the end of November. Meme began to swagger 4ch the public and other communities. Also, it is popular in the Russian-speaking Twitter.

The value

MEM “O may Gad Daniel you’re crazy” can be used as a typical picture-the reaction. Publish it in the comments to respond to something crazy, crazy, incredible.

As an independent meme this picture is used as a Supplement to any situation described by the text.


О май гад Данила ты что крейзи

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