Bald tail cat amused Twitter users

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The guy from Canada has posted on Twitter a video with his cat, which survived the surgery. Bald tail cat came as a surprise to many users of the social network, the video became viral. The tail resembled the face of an elephant.

Don Sutherland of calgary (Canada) said via Twitter that his cat Aslan survived the surgery. The doctors had to cut part of the tail. For this animal shaved the tail and the sacrum.

The tail without hair looks rather unusual. This attracted the attention of Internet users, the roller severoceska, it was viewed almost 10 million times in less than a week.

Some Twitter users decided to photoshop the bald tail of a cat to show what it looks like. Most see the elephants. But they flight of fancy is not limited.

Лысый хвост кота слоник

Лысый хвост кота слоник

Лысый хвост кота слоник

Don posted a photo of Aslan, to show how looks his face. And, apparently, cat is not very happy with the fact that now the Internet is laughing at him.

кот аслан

Life seals with the advent of the Internet has become more difficult. For example, have had to endure the horror of his hosts, who test the terrifying cat mask from Chinese apps. Or once again to go into the kennel because the owner decided to make a budget cosplay hero’s Death Stranding.

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