When a DNA test is written

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When a DNA test is written (When the DNA test says, When Ancestry.com says) meme mocking the DNA tests that determine the belonging to different nationalities as a percentage.


In the West this meme appeared in February 2016. It all started with a tweet by user @molliefounds. She posted the photo with four dancing white women and added the caption: “When Ancestry.com determined that you have black relatives.”

ancestry.com meme

Until 2018, the results of the site ancestry.com periodically surfaced on Twitter and other social networks. Users wrote what nationalities are found in their dough, and made fun of it through these images.

ancestry.com meme

When ancestry.com determined that I was in the 0.00001% Jamaican.

25 Feb 2018 on Reddit appeared the first full-fledged meme on this topic. Flutfar redditor posted a frame from a YouTube video called “I survived the Holocaust”.

Когда в днк-тесте написано

Ancestry.com: Based on our DNA, you 2% Jewish.

Youtuber: I survived the Holocaust.

At the end of November 2019 format got a second wind on Reddit. Within a few days meme became the top and spread throughout the world.

In Runet signature slightly changed, by removing from it the name of the site.

Когда в днк-тесте написано

The value

Meme “When the DNA test says,” makes fun of people who learned that they 1-2% belong to a particular nationality, and in every way showing it. So, if the person is one half an Englishman, he abruptly begins to love tea and drink it in large quantities.


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