Elon Tusk appeared in “Rick and Morty”. It sounded Elon Musk

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Businessman and inventor Elon Musk has voiced a character in the animated series “Rick and Morty”. This is Elon Tusk, the embodiment of the Mask in a parallel universe. Previously, he changed his Twitter name to Elon Task.

The character is Elon Tusk (Elon Tusk) appeared in the fourth season of the animated series “Rick and Morty”. This is Elon Musk from a parallel universe. He has tusks and Tuskla car company (Tesla + Tusk). Rick and Morty turn to Ilona to help them commit a robbery.

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Elon Musk personally presented his alternative incarnation of “Rick and Morty”. In February 2019 Elon renamed as Elon Tusk in his official Twitter. Then the users decided that the inventor was supported by fans of memes.

To distort the name Mask in the Internet fell in love with long Tusk — one of the popular options. Photojob with Elon and tusks in the network was enough.

Илон Таск

Now the jokes on this subject has increased, footage from “Rick and Morty” with Elon Tusk began to make out the memes.

Илон Таск

Elon Musk is like no other knows how to use the Internet and memes to promote themselves and their projects. Does not abate the hype around Tesla Cybertruck — unusual angular pickup to the motor. Car compare with children’s drawings and old games with graphics on minimum.

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