Hand Switch Challenge: sleight of hand and thousands of views

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The network is gaining momentum Hand Switch Challenge. People create an optical illusion with their hands. The trick is quite simple but effective.

It all began with a clip of a girl named Fran Iraola in TikTok on November 18, says Know Your Meme. Less than 10 days the video attracted nearly one million of likes.

Other dictonary began to repeat the trick. Someone better, someone worse. But anyway Hand Switch Challenge attracted a lot of attention.

Blogger tori Parreno posted the video on his Twitter. It received 8.9 million views, Twitter users also joined challenge.

The essence of the trick is quite simple: because of the rapid change of hands and finger movements it seems that one hand went right through another. Actually goes ahead that is a hand that is ahead. Here is a tutorial where it shows.

Dictonary ready to do anything to get views and likes. And fancy they do not occupy. In summer, the app was popular flashmob Walk a Mile, in which people shoes in a variety of subjects and tried to walk.

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