The guy says a girl in a club: a bad tackle turned into a meme

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On Twitter distributed a video where a guy says to a girl at the club. He says directly into my ear, she tries to maintain composure, but it was obvious that she was absolutely not interested. Netizens have dubbed the guy the king of failed tackles.

The original video where a guy says to a girl in the club, and signed “write a caption for this” November 18, 2019 posted Twitter user Campmarylou, says Know Your Meme. Now the account has been deleted. But the video quickly perezalil on Facebook-page of Barstool Sports.

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Unfortunately, the names of the heroes video and the scene are still unknown. The video quickly made the rounds on Facebook and Twitter, it began to come up with a signature. Netizens tried to figure out a text that a guy could say to a girl.

So, Jon snow is Aegon Targaryen and they built for this character all the way from bastard to heir of the iron throne. And then they suddenly made bran a king, no reason at all…

I’m saying you can call him a baby Yoda, I was wrong. You see, the kid about 50 years, and that means he was alive during the events of “Empire strikes back” when Yoda, too, was alive. So, actually this could be a baby Yoda, or even his clone

I’m a libertarian. Heard about Joe Rohan’? He has really good ideas, that’s why I invested in bitcoin. Did you know that taxation is theft? By the way, how old are you?

A lot of guys that, in principle, not easy to approach a strange woman and start talking. For such invented courses of the pickup — the art of Dating girls. However, the techniques of the pickup artists is so primitive and has many jokes on the Internet that hardly anyone can help.

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Author: AlenaSexi