Cats and boxes: fans cosplay hero’s Death Stranding

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Fans of Death from Stranding Hideo Kojima was inspired by the image of the main character and started doing low-budget cosplay. The character of Norman Reedus with a large backpack and embryo of the baby in the capsule copy with cats, boxes and all that was found in the house.

Game Stranding was released on 8 November. The player controls the main character — Sam porter-Bridges performed by Norman Reedus. Sam the courier in the world post-Apocalypse. It transports loads between disparate cities and tries to establish contact between them.

In addition to the huge backpack he carries a capsule with an embryo baby. He helps the hero to see approaching threats.

Fans of the game decided to play in a low-budget cosplay. They began to repeat the Sam suit with the help of improvised means.

Death Stranding косплей

Weapons to compete with Metal Gear!

Death Stranding косплей

Death Stranding косплей

Death Stranding косплей

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норман ридус косплей

Author Death Stranding Hideo kojima is very popular in Russia. It in the meme decided to call a genius. And although Hideo said that a genius in my opinion, a jacket with a logo he put. And even posted to instagram.

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Author: AlenaSexi