Cybertrek Elon musk recalled children’s drawings and films about the future

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Elon Musk unveiled the new Tesla pickup Cybertruck with an unusual design. Angular futuristic machine called the discussion in the network. Some are delighted with this decision, others joke that cybertrek like a child’s craft or vehicle from the game with bad graphics.

New truck Tesla Cybertruck presented on November 21. As promised, Elon Musk, the machine design is inspired by the movie “blade Runner”. Futuristic truck will launch in 2021, but is already available for pre-order. The price of the car starts from 39,9 thousand dollars.

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Илон Маск кибертрак

Pickup shockproof, demonstrated at the presentation. But not without incidents. The Windows were unprotected and crashed. Musk promised to fix it.

The car has caused ambiguous reaction of the network users. They compare cybertrek Mask with your children’s drawings and draw attention to the shortcomings of the machine.

кибертрак тесла шутки

Thank you for using my design, Elon Musk!

кибертрак тесла шутки

илон маск кибертрак

Real photo Ilona Mask in the process of creating Cybertruck

илон маск кибертрак

Elon: … iiii in print

Also a pickup from the “Tesla” compared with the car Homer Simpson, cartoons and computer games. And banal everyday objects.

Look at Elon musk alive

Cybertruck think looks very cool

Don’t understand the hype around Tesla Cybertruck. I think it looks OK

Please tell me this is a joke

Tell your kids that this is the new Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

The same mood



новая тесла

Netizens noticed that Musk has already released a flamethrower. And now armored peaks.

новая тесла

But, despite the large amount of work, Elon Musk manages to have fun. Something about the sense of Twitter will argue, the “Area 51” discusson the forum in Krasnodar will perform.

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Author: AlenaSexi