Ticktockers parodied favourite player and see him. They have one person

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Schoolgirl Bella Martin noticed that like the QB team Clemson University football Trevor Lawrence. The girl parodied photo of Trevor and published a video in TikTok. The videos became viral, they saw the player himself and was found with his fan.

Bella Martin from Georgia 16 years. She noticed that a very similar Trevor Lawrence QB team Clemson University football. Martin began to copy pictures of a football player and made a video for TikTok.

The video went viral, he was noticed by members of the team and showed Lawrence. The video with the reaction of the player posted on the social network team. “She looks like me!” said Trevor, laughing.

Bella first took off his reaction to the reaction of Trevor.

And then he released another video with parody photos of the player. “I’m not going to steal the identity of this person, I promise.”

But the story is not over. The footballer and his double was found before the game in North Carolina on Saturday, November 16. Joint picture posted on Twitter of the Clemson team.

Тиктокерша пародировала любимого футболиста и встретилась с ним

The meeting doubles is always fun. Especially if they happen unexpectedly. For example, if the players the twins during the match. Some people have twins too much. Clones Adam Sandler can be found everywhere, for their photos, even started a separate public.

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Author: AlenaSexi