If you like the Joker, why don’t you like Oleg Sokolov?

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If you like the Joker, why don’t you like Oleg Sokolov? — the phrase of the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky. He has repeatedly criticized the film “Joker”. Medina surprised, why a fictional story people like, and the actual murder of historian Oleg Sokolov of his mistress — no. Netizens began to mimic the phrase of the Minister.


The film “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix, was released in Russian cinemas on 3 October 2019. He grossed a billion dollars and gave online users a lot of memes. The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky October 30, said in an interviewthat he did not like more than other comic book movies.

Oleg Sokolov — candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor St. Petersburg state University. One of the founders of the reenactment movement in Russia and a longtime friend of the Minister Medina. November 9, Sokolov got out of Sink with the severed female hand in the backpack. The scientist admitted that he killed his mistress, a graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko.

The dismembered body of a girl found in the apartment Sokolov, resonant murder entire country is talking about. November 14 at a press conference, Medina asked a question about Sokolov. And he, without hesitation, tied a real Professor-dismantler and fictional evil clown.

Before everyone was asking about the Joker now — about Oleg Sokolov. And I want to meet: if you like “the Joker” why you don’t like Oleg Sokolov?Vladimir Medinsky

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Offensive statement of the Minister was distributed by the media, it caused a storm of indignation in the network. In 2 hours after the publication quotes Medinsky began to parody Twitter accounts.

Other Twitter users also began to parody the words of the Medina, the format of “Why you don’t like” became a meme.

The value

The phrase “If you like the Joker, why don’t you like Oleg Sokolov?” is absurd, because the Minister of culture compared the fictional character with the real criminal. In skits netizens also compare fictional and real characters. Or books, movies with real life.

Also can be related to people and the effects of real life that are assessed as positive and negative, although they have the same nature.


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Author: AlenaSexi