Vibe check emoji meme

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Vibe check emoji — meme is a reffering to a slang phrase used in social networks to convey emotional state. The verbal meme has turned into a series of positronistic videos with Screen-Reaching Emoji.

Origin of a Vibe check meme

Check the Vibe in its original sense is the process of transferring a mental or emotional state to another person. Literally, this phrase translates as “vibration test”.

Vibrations are understood as vibrations of human thoughts and mental flows. Some religions and esoteric teachings suggest that these vibrations can be transmitted to other people. From here comes the slang word vibe, which in the broad sense translates as “mood”, “atmosphere”. The term was widely used in subcultures of rastafari, hippies and ravers.

The first mention of a vibe check on the web dates back to April 2011. Then on the Urban Dictionary website its definition appeared.

Vibe check meme

Vibe check in 2019

Only in 2019 vibe check the phrase become a meme. It all started with a tweet from @umru_. On March 24th, he published a post consisting of these two words.

Vibe check meme

On April 2d, another user duplicated the phrase and laid the foundation for the distribution of memes. He began to post pictures or memes daily, attributing to them the sentence “gm can I get a vibe check?”

For several months, the phrase spread on Twitter, but few understood its meaning. And only in September 2019 it formed into a full-fledged meme.

Vibe check shitposting and pictures showing a violent act

On September 3d, Tumblr user starion published a micro-comic in which one little man screamed a vibe check and hit another man with a baseball bat on the head.

Vibe check meme

It was understood that this man had such a filthy mood that he wanted to throw out his negativity on another. This turned into banal violence.

The post marked the beginning of a series of memes that featured similar acts of violence coupled with the phrase vibe check.

Vibe check test

By October, the phrase vibe check had already become part of the slang of zoomers. Derived constructions have appeared, such as vibe check passed. It has spread thanks to a test on the ShindanMaker website. There you could literally pass a check for a vibe check. As a result, a strange diagram and diagnosis was proposed: the vibe check passed or failed.

Vibe check meme

Vibe check passed, but what a price…

Vibe check emoji meme

In September, vibe check began to be used in combination with another meme. This is a red-eyed emoticon that reaches for the screen (Screen-Reaching Emoji).

Vibe check emoji

So there was a post-ironic meme branch about vibe check. These were mostly short video screamers or gifs.

[embedded content]

Meaning of Vibe check meme

On the one hand, a vibe check is a series of memes with characters who are going to harm other people. Before that, they scream vibe check.

On the other hand, vibe check has become part of youth internet slang. In social networks there are posts in which the phrase is used in a variety of meanings. Most often they write “make a vibecheck” or “arrange a vibecheck” — that is, hit on the head of someone who carries nonsense or spoils the mood.

Vibe Check meme

But also vibe check is a usual greeting. The meme has become an alternative to designs such as Current Mood or GM (Good Morning).


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Author: AlenaSexi