Fat cat Victor against Aeroflot

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Fat cat Victor against “Aeroflot” — a series of memes about the cat, who was not allowed in the cabin due to the extra weight. The owner Victor lied to the airline and flew away with the cat the next day. For which he was deprived of all bonuses. Network scold “Aeroflot” and support Viktor.


Michael Galin returned home to Vladivostok from Riga together with my cat Victor. Victor arrived in Moscow in the cabin with the owner. But in Moscow on the airplane it is not allowed to take to the salon. An employee of “Aeroflot” said the cat weighs 10 pounds. And inside, you can not carry animals heavier than 8 pounds.

Michael withdrew from the flight, bought a ticket in business class the next day and found to have friends like cat. The cat was weighed and then was replaced by a fat Victor. 6 Nov 2019 Galin told about this story in Facebook.

Surgery substitution the fat cat Victor miniature cat Phoebe was successful — the scales showed acceptable norm, and the airline employee was kind enough to give the landing, wishing a good flight.

Sitting in the passenger seat, when all my wanderings had left behind, I wanted to call up to Stuart and looking at the soul, to quote a classic “Boy, bring us some vodka, we’re going home”Michael Galin

Толстый кот Виктор против "Аэрофлота"

The post went viral, of a cat Victor began to tell the media. Users of social networks began to support Michael, to praise him for his resourcefulness. Many were surprised that the animal can not be transported in the cabin even for a fee.

Separate widely the phrase “Bro — no Luggage.” These words are familiar to Galina, Leonid Romanov wrote in the comments under the post on October 31, where Michael was looking for the cat-a stand-in for weighing.

Mikhail and Victor were invited to interviews and different shots, he began to devote memes, including the format of “I/We”.

Толстый кот Виктор против "Аэрофлота"

On 12 November, the press service of “Aeroflot” , saidthat for violation of the rules will be deprived of Galina, all the bonus miles and then delete it from the loyalty program.

This provoked a new wave of criticism of the airline in social networks. Other companies began to promote themselves and give Galina bonuses and gifts. Michael himself saidthat has no claims to “to Aeroflot”.

Толстый кот Виктор против "Аэрофлота"

Толстый кот Виктор против "Аэрофлота"

News about fat cat Victor reached the highest circles of power. The head of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir burmatov sent a request asking to change the rules of transportation of animals in aircraft in Russia.

I believe that in such cases the passenger has no opportunity to take the animal to the Luggage due to the state of health of the pet, or too long of flights, which the animal can not move, must be able to pay for the advantage and carry it with youVladimir burmatov

The value

Fat cat Victor was the hero of social networks, as many felt solidarity with his master. Easy to understand person, who did not want to take the favorite animal in your Luggage on an 8-hour flight. The ingenuity and disregard of the rules for the pet also found an echo in the hearts of the people.

The story of the cat and “Aeroflot” has caused rough discussion of the rules of transportation of animals. And standards of a PR service that are unable to turn the case with Victor in a positive story.


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