Test: the millennial, Boomer or Zoomer?

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Lately everyone is talking about the boomers and sumerah. And somewhere in between quietly lurking Millennials. If you confuse these concepts and do not know which category, our test will help determine.

  1. 1
    What sort of music do you listen to?

    1. Leningrad, Korol I shut, Splin, Basta, 25/17, Oxxxymiron
    2. Lieser, Gone. Fludd, the Thrill Pill, Morgenstern, Lil Pump, BTS
    3. Time machine, Iron Maden, Natalie, Leps, Beatles, ABBA
  2. 2
    In any social networking sit most often?

    1. Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat
    2. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
    3. Classmates, VKontakte, Facebook
  3. 3
    What are you watching on YouTube?

    1. vdud, BadComedian
    2. Comedy club, KVN
    3. Klikklak the balloons
  4. 4
    Where you get the information?

    1. Radio, Television, Yandex.News
    2. Medusa, Telegram, podcasts
    3. YouTube, VC public
  5. 5
    How are the climate crisis?

    1. Crisis? What crisis? To me, this is will not affect
    2. It’s bad, but I am not able to do something
    3. It’s terrible trying to live eco-friendly
  6. 6
    What is your attitude to politics?

    1. Go to rallies and pickets, to actively Express their position in social networks
    2. Not aware of political trends
    3. Communism was still better
  7. 7
    So, what movie?

    1. Marvel, DC, Netflix
    2. The Matrix, Harry Potter, Twilight
    3. Soviet movies, TV shows on TV
  8. 8
    Some memes are better?

    1. Idun, sad Keanu Reeves trollface
    2. Capsici, Chichibabin, trap Joker
    3. Memy? What memy? Remember Harold and the Dogs, it’s do they?
  9. 9
    You need a bag?

    1. No, I have a backpack
    2. No, I have eco-bag
    3. Yeah, let’s just three
  10. 10
    What gadgets are?

    1. Smartphone, laptop, fitness bracelet, smart column
    2. Smartphone, wireless headphone, game console, portable speakers
    3. I have a phone, what more do you need?

Test: the millennial, Boomer or Zoomer?

Created 08 Nov 2019

  1. The test result


    Okay, Boomer. You’re over 50, but if you pass this test — it’s not so bad. Just remember that the world does not stand still

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  2. The test result


    You’re still young, but already know exactly what they want from life. Polirone — your friend, and it will be much easier

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  3. The test result


    You’re between two fires. You had a wonderful childhood, but these are complicated times. Have to be Mature and responsible, but how could I not want!

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