Inflated Mickey Mouse

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Inflated Mickey mouse (Mickey mouse when the Mickey Mouse Buff, Buff Mokey Mouse) meme poorly drawn version of Mickey mouse in the way of pitching. Used in conjunction with a picture of Mickey mouse brainless for comparing and contrasting phenomena.


Poorly drawn Mickey mouse is a hero “Mokki show” utuber Pelo Sr. Mochi — the mangled name of Mickey mouse. The author of the show was inspired by the comics of disney characters that were popular in the early 2010’s. Among them the most known are: believe, Potaczek and Dolan.

Mokey Show is an animated series with a banal story and voice acting, which involves Mochi (Mickey mouse), Dylan (Donald Duck), Grubi (goofy), Mommy (Minnie mouse), and others.

24 April 2019 Sr Pelo published 424 episode of their show. The plot Mocci comes to Dylan and be Rude and see how they train. Rude says that if he too wants to become strong, he has to make “asteroids”. Mokki their swallows and turns to pitching.

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On the same day, redditor Santapensa made a meme based on this release. He combined the two pictures: with the usual Mochi and with the pitching.

Мокки - накачанный Микки Маус

To preview “the Incredible adventures of Jojo”

After watching

The post remained practically unnoticed. And the meme has not received any development. But in September, it revived, altered a little. The user KebabLite published a picture with two frames of animation. On the first picture Mochi with flattened head. On the second — the same inflated Mochi.

Мокки - накачанный Микки Маус

YouTube video downloads.

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In this format the meme has spread around Reddit and by the end of September it became popular. In October images-comparison with strong and weak Mochi sawiroebis in Runet.

The value

MEM Mochi is a typical meme-comparison. Comparing weak and brainless character with pumped, author of the meme confronts between two similar phenomena, which cardinally differ from each other. The same method was used in another similar meme about Tom-pitching from the animated series “Tom and Jerry”.


Мокки - накачанный Микки Маус


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