Salepage: people mold clay monsters and post to instagram

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The network of supermarkets “the Crossroads” the beginning of children’s competition “Zalipali”. To use a special plasticine the kids made their monsters and posted to the network. But adults also connected to creativity. In the course went Stoned Fox and jokes about pigeons. Hashtag #Zalipali gaining popularity in instagram.

“Crossroads” gives clay a “Zalipali” for every 800 rubles in check. Clay can be purchased separately. Participants of the action are encouraged to sculpt their clay monsters and post their photos to instagram with the hashtag #Zalipali to win a trip to Disneyland.

Many children and their parents really cute mold of the crank and try to win a prize. But many adult customers who got the clay, went the other way and use it to make funny and mennie figures. The trend drew the attention of the public the College.

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Publication of Vera (@veraneydakhina) 4 Nov 2019, 9:58 PDT

In Russia there lives the girl who likes to sculpt popular memes from clay. It turns out really cool. It is a pity that the author of the figurines does not want to reveal their identity.

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Author: AlenaSexi