You think this is funny? All the memes about the Joker with Joaquin Phoenix

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“The Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix was the main movie of the fall of 2019. First memes with him began long before the premiere. And in October, new formats and templates climbed literally from all cracks. “Mamapedia” shows how to develop memes with Shipton and villain in the performance of Joaquin Phoenix.

Attention! The text contains spoilers.

Joker is hit by a car

The first memes about the Joker began to appear in April 2019, when the first trailer of the film. One such meme in which the Joker gets hit by a car.

In the story Arthur Fleck (the real name of the Joker in the film) sent to the evening shows, Murray Franklin. On the way he begins to chase the cops, and the Joker runs away from them. At some point he runs out into the roadway — there he was hit by a car.

Template for the meme were two pictures. At first the Joker in all his greatness and splendor out of the house. On the second hit by a car.

Джокера сбивает машина мем

The meme became an illustration of how reliant on something people unexpectedly meets obstacle, which literally knocks him down.

The extension meme. Who knocked the Joker?

Over time, the format evolved. In October, Western users have added thereto the third panel. This is a frame from the TV series “always Sunny In Philadelphia” with the character Dennis in the car. The idea that he with the words “You stupid bitch” knocks the Joker.

Джокера сбивает машина мем

This led to other variations — for example, adding meme with will Smith in a taxi. In Runet Joker knock down Gene Bukin with his son.

Джокера сбивает машина

The Joker is dancing on the stairs

In September, Twitter users noticed the promo for “the Joker”, in which the main character dances on the stairs. Someone frame seemed like a dancing Tobey Maguire in the third “spider-Man”. Thus was born perhaps the most important and popular format of the meme with the Joker.

Originally meme illustrated a situation in which inanimate objects for some reason began to move actively. But over time, the understanding of the meme has expanded — literally to infinity. Began to appear in the templates with only one dancing Joker. Or photoshopped pics with a dozen dancing figures.

Джокер танцует

The extension meme. The Joker dances with his tiny version

In October amid the popularity of the film meme with a dancing Joker evolved. As in the case of Keanu Reeves, the Joker got a tiny version of himself. And now two characters dancing on the stairs.

Джокер танцует

Little Joker became a full-fledged meme. It is already used as an independent unit, to him, coming up with new templates.

Маленький Джокер

The Joker beat sign

The basis for this meme was the episode from the opening part of the movie. In it Arthur Fleck still works as a promoter in a clown suit. When bullies take away his yellow promotional poster, Arthur runs after them. But in the alley of the hero beat his own mark and then hard finish legs.

Template according to tradition, were two of the frame. On the first Joker-the clown happily picks up the sign. On the second, he is beaten by the same Board. Meme becomes clear if to write on the poster any annoying text. According to the idea he’s the future Joker gets on the head.

Джокера бьют знаком

Which Joker is better?

Before the premiere of “the Joker” 2019 discussions about whether Joaquin Phoenix to embody the villain as well, as did Heath Ledger. For several decades, the character played by other actors. So you can’t just watch a new movie and not compare Jokers.

Какой Джокер лучший. Мемы про Джокера

Most went to Heath Ledger and Jared Leto, which is considered to be the best and the worst of the Jokers. But there were more rare incarnations of the evil clown, for example, from Vadim Demchog of “Interns”.

Джокер Купитман

Tickets for the Joker

“Tickets for the Joker, please” — a little-known meme that force in the West in September 2019. The format demonstrates a stereotype about the typical fans of the film — brutal guys, singles and gays. In most cases, these memes are ironic and make fun of those who are dragged new “cool” character.

The most viral picture in this genre was Wojak with bristles, which once again asks the cashier a ticket for the “Joker”.

Мемы с Джокером

Joker looks out the car window

The film ends with the Joker detained by the police. He looks out the window with a smile and notices that his speech in a live broadcast caused riots in Gotham. This frame has led many to remember a similar episode from “the Dark knight” where the Joker played by Heath Ledger.

October 6, Twitter user @_greys published these two scenes, writing: “For those who didn’t catch the reference”. This led to a small flashmob — users began to imitate his tweet by inserting other characters.

Мемы с Джокером

The extension meme. Anyone saw the Joker out the car window?

Over time, the format with the Joker in the car evolved. Users began to make full of memes with this frame. For example, about what he thinks an eight year old child sitting in the back seat. Also received a distribution of memes in the genre of “going to work/going to work”. In such cases, the detainee Joker add the frame where it goes sad in the bus.

Джокер в машине мем

The meme started to add pictures from other movies. So, in Runet Joker met eyes with Voroninym.

Джокер в машине мем

Running Joker

The basis for this meme was a phototaken from the filming of the movie in November 2018. Then on Reddit started a photoshop battle with this frame. Running the Joker hit the gym and on the football field.

Мемы про Джокера

Meme revived in 2019, when the film came out. But lost in the flow of other, better formats.

The Joker laughs like a celebrity

The laughter of the Joker is one of the most remarkable parts of his image. The character has mental problems, so often laughs in inappropriate situations. And makes it very expressive.

In October, Twitter users launched videomem. They began to impose on the video walking along the corridor Fleck laughter of other people. For example, Seth Rogen or Peter Griffin.

The Joker reads the joke

Another videomem with the Joker. Or rather, meme-GIF. Its based on the episode of Arthur Fleck, who read the joke at the evening show Murray Franklin. In the original it was:

— Tuk-tuk.

— Who’s there?

— It’s the police, mA’am. Your son was hit by a drunk driver. He died.

After reading this, the Joker began to laugh, and the audience — to be indignant. In early October, the episode became a meme. Users started to add their unfunny and cruel jokes.

I read the mother’s will.

You think this is funny?

The most recent format, widely spread in the Internet. Formed the basis for a scene in which Arthur meets in the toilet of Thomas Wayne, who considers his father. Because of the stress the main character starts to laugh, but Wayne asks, “do You think this is funny?”

Meme were two pictures: one indignant Wayne, on the other — laughing open-mouthed Flack. Sometimes there is the inscription “You find this funny?”

Мемы про Джокера

All my thoughts are negative

“All my thoughts are negative” complains Arthur Fleck on reception at the psychotherapist. This moment also became the basis for memes. And with rare exception their character — not in clown make-up.

The pattern gained popularity in the pages “Vkontakte” in mid-October. Usually it is used as a reaction to all the sad and disappointing.

Мемы про Джокера

The wild card in the bus

Another fresh format that severoceska in mid-October in “Vkontakte”. The meme consists of four panels. On the first three depicted Fleck, sitting and laughing in the bus. In the foreground a dark-skinned woman. The last panel is a card with text.

In the story Arthur starts spontaneously laughing after he made the remark in front of a seated woman. Hero gives her a card which says that his laughter caused by the disease.

In the meme as the text of the card changed to something else. As a rule, banal anecdotes and quotes from the abstract memes.

Джокер в автобусе мем

Stairs Of The Joker

The ladder, on which danced the Joker already appeared in one of the early memes. In October, users have found this place in Google Maps. It turned out that it actually exists and has not changed. For some time geolocation even renamed “the Ladder of the Joker”.

Лестница Джокера Мем

Teacher: Okay, class, we’re going to new York.

Girls: Oh my God, I can’t wait, I’d see times square.


A small side street in the Bronx became the new attraction. Tourists post photos from there, and Reddit launched a new meme with photos of the legendary ladder.


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