The best memes about the casino

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Memes are created for sharing funny pictures, phrases, ideas. They quickly spread through the Internet become available to a wider audience. Today actively create memes on any topic, including on casinos that are popular.

What memes are and how they are created?

Under meme, mean information or media object that is created using electronic means of communication. On the Internet they spread through social networks, blogs, forums, instant messengers. Now the network can find a lot of interesting and funny stories about best online casino.

A meme can be considered as image or text. First mentioned Professor Richard Dawkins, who wrote a book called “the Selfish gene”. The General public it was presented in 1976. His work became a classic, which I remember now. The journalists analyzed the book in detail told about the theory memetic. The author calls a meme a unit of cultural information that can spread quickly through different sources.

Now the Internet presents a large number of memes in the form of pictures and stories about the casino. This is not surprising because the world of gambling has always been popular. Known pictures about casino are now based on real stories.

Cheaters try to win casino

James Grosjean and Michael Russo went to Las Vegas to have a good time and relax. They went to the casino and wanted to try their luck, but the protection of well-known institutions detained them, and the names brought in “the List of Griffin”. They were forbidden to gamble and visit casinos.

Two men protested that decision, and began to assert their rights. They filed a lawsuit on casino. Men argued that during a visit to a casino they have not used any device or devices that could cause foul play. To win at slot machines, used exclusively intellectual abilities. The problem was that one of the rules of casino ban card counting during the game.

The court took the case and came to the conclusion that the intellectual abilities of two people cannot be a crime. The result of Russo and Grosjean defended their own rights, won a lawsuit. Thanks to this case, the casino security can’t arrest players who are counting cards. This subject was invented a lot of funny memes, which are now being distributed on the Internet.

Unbelievable – but true!

Some of the stories about the casino strike. They are hard to believe, but they actually happen. Such cases become the basis for creating memes, and stories quickly spread between people.

In one state, had a major international courier company with good reputation. But the leaders faced bankruptcy in 1973, they had no money even to pay for fuel. In the end, they couldn’t send a few cargoes. The company was in dire Straits.

The CEO of the company is not found out of the situation, so I decided to take extreme measures. He took all the money that he had, at that time amounted to about five thousand dollars. The Director bought a ticket and went to Las Vegas to try their luck. As a result, he won big and brought home almost 30 thousand dollars. He not only paid the cost of fuel, but was able to go on a major trip.

Interesting news about the casino

Memes are also created on the basis of interesting stories that happened long ago or happening right now. The most popular:

The girl helped the family. Avid casino players surely heard of a girl named Alex Fisher. She was born in a simple family, who lived in Tease and began to play another three years. Nobody has been able to beat her at poker. Already at the age of 7 the girl personally met with their idols, were able to play with adults on equal terms. Now she can’t take the winnings, so actively takes part in charity tournaments.

History of casinos in Las Vegas. In one of the institutions got the robber who stole the chips, the total cost was about $ 1.5 million. The man managed to steal them when he pointed the gun towards the dealer. Despite security and multiple cameras, burglar easily left the walls of the casino. The main oddity of this situation is that the chips have to be exchanged only in the casino, so the thief could not get rich. In fact, he took only the plastic chips that have no value.

A heroic story. It is associated with the name Phil Laak, who played at the poker table 115 hours to give winnings to charity. The heroic act, I think, so his name was put in the Guinness Book of records.

These and other stories and now actively spread through the Internet. You can find a huge number of funny pictures and memes, which is devoted to the interesting events. These stories can alter or turn in pictures, but the meaning remains the same, because gambling is always surrounded by an aura of mystery.

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Author: AlenaSexi