The Joker laughs as celebrity

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The Joker laughs as the celebrity — of videomem with a fragment from the film “the Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix. Instead of the original character of the laughter in the video to add laughter different famous people, movie characters and cartoons.


In October, 2019 in wide release, the film was released “the Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role. The hero mental problems: in a complex and dishforth situations, he begins involuntarily to laugh. Has nothing to do with it.

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Attack such laughter in the corridor are shown in the final trailer, which was released August 28, 2019.

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October 7, Twitter user @ryanheezy took passage with the Joker, who walks down the hall and laughs. But replaced it with laughter to the laughter of actor Seth Rogen.

It’s the Joker, but with a laugh, Seth Rogen.

431 tweet got thousands of likes, other users also started to make a video where the Joker laughs like celebrities or famous characters.

The Joker, but the laughs as Koni Leonard

Joker, but laughs like Peter Griffin.

The value

Meme with Joker, who laughs like famous people or characters runs on a combination of funny moments. On the one hand we see the Joker laughing, and with another — hear recognizable laughter of someone else. The contrast adds a comic effect.

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Joker, but laughs like Janice from Friends

Joker, but laughs like a girl from anime.

Joker, but laugh like bill Hader.

Joker, but laughs like Nicki Minaj.

Joker, but laughs like Harry styles.

Joker, but laughs like Homer Simpson.

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