Trap The Joker

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Trap the Joker is an abstract memorial depicting the mouth and eyes Joker makeup with the caption «Joker Trap». There are other options with the caption «Kok-Saker», «Eating a dick», «Trap Racer», etc.


The picture itself is originally a mascot of the Studio quests «the Trap of the Joker», located in Yekaterinburg.
In the spring of 2019 to the public [club134304854|Memblks from Aleksov], the admins of which even spread to your local at that time force on Youtube (currently the video has gained 11 thousand hits), but the main area of content was the site Vkontakte. The staff is so loved by his discovery that one of them, a [id20347657|Daniel Safonov] got a tattoo with a variation of a meme on the hand. A little later, swagger caught the public [club177890021|Buterbrodi], the administrator provides also started to make videos and memes with the Joker.


Meme «Trap of the Joker» is quite chaotic force, but in fact it is the ridicule of the abstruse quotations from the Joker, the same as with Stettheimer and wolves. The picture is often throw in comments without any reason.

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Author: AlenaSexi

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