Blogger Belle Dolphin told about the arrest because of the hamster

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Blogger Belle Dolphin, which was ridiculed for trying to sell water out of his bath, went back to Twitter. She reported that was arrested for having ruined the girl’s car, stole her hamster.

In July Belle disgraced when began to sell the water in which you bathed. At the same time, the administration of instagram has responded to complaints about the publication of the Internet’s total smut content and blocked the account of a Dolphin. Since Belle did not hit the media. Until 7 October announced via Twitter that she was arrested.

As explained by the Belle, a girl came to her party and stole the hamster. For this blogger described her car.

Also blogger Belle Dolphin posted a photo of a hamster. And correspondence with the thief, who said that he wanted to make a joke.

Many did not believe Belle, laugh at a strange story about a hamster and I think that blogger is again trying to attract the attention of scandalous stories.

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Author: AlenaSexi