Oh ho stinky

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Oh ho stinky (Stinky monkey, monke le) — is a meme with a fat monkey. Used in conjunction with a song about «funny stinky poop». In 2019, a TikTok meme came on with a monkey that is chasing people to this song.

Stinky monkey meme origin

Oh ho Stinky meme has a great and diverse history. It all started on January 21, 2016 when a picture with an obese orangutan was published on 4chan. The anonymous contributor added a short caption to the image: le monke. This is the distorted word monkey with the article le from the French language.

le monke meme

The monkey in this frame is called Jackie. In 2013, global media wrote about it as a fat orangutan who was put on a diet. At that time, the animal was 22 years old, and it weighed more than 100 kilograms.

March 3, 2016 on YouTube downloaded video le monke. It was a static picture that moved a little to the music of Clint Mansell»s Requiem for a Dream.

[embedded content]

On May 26th, a group of le monke appeared on Facebook with memes about monkeys. It predominantly housed distorted pictures with an orangutan and abstract photobombs.

Oh ho Stinky copypaste

Even before the whole story with the le monke meme on 4chan, a strange copypaste appeared. It consisted of the words «poop», «farting», «hahaha», etc.

oh ho stinky copypaste

On May 15th, 2016, the Youtuber Real Human Bean published a video in which the image of the orangutan slowly increases, and against the background there is a redone copy-paste about farting.

This pasta began with the following words:

uh oh….STINKY!!



[embedded content]

Over more than three years, 5.5 million people watched UH HO videos. From 2016 to 2018, meme le monke was not particularly popular. Mostly he was forced by fans of abstract memes on Reddit. And on YouTube, new navel videos and remixes with orangutan and Oh no stinky paste periodically appeared.

Stinky monkey — meme on TikTok and the song Oh no stinky

On January 21st, 2019, the Jab50Yen youtube put music on Oh Ho copy paste. The result was an abstract and slightly mystical song.

[embedded content]

In May 2019, memes with the stinky monkey again became relevant in social networks. These were the same stubborn navel videos that were spread on instagram, facebook and the iFunny app. In these videos, the song Oh ho Stinky was also used.

[embedded content]

Meaning of Oh ho Stinky meme

Memes with an obese orangutan were originally part of shitposting and made no sense at all. With the advent of copypaste and songs, the meme began to be associated with shit, farting, etc.

With the advent of the meme in TikTok, the monkey became a kind of messenger of something terrible. As a rule, she appeared in the most unexpected places and approached to the ominous music. And, of course, most often this happened in the toilet.

Template of Stinky meme

stinky monkey meme


oh ho stinky meme monke

oh ho stinky meme monke

oh ho stinky meme monke

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