Oh no, my bra fell

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Oh no, my bra fell (Oh no, the bra fell off) meme from the anime Bokuben, which shows female feet and fallen blue bra.


The frame became a meme taken from episode 9 of the anime We never learn («We can’t study»), which is also known as Bokuben. In the story the main character, Nariyuki UGA finds a job in a lingerie shop. It put on the costume of the mascot Ancora Hanako. Kariuki serves a hot girl from which to become embarrassed. The client is asked to unfasten her bra, and he falls to her feet.

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The moment the fallen bra and became a meme. It is not known when and who invented the pattern. Supposedly, it all started in the beginning of June 2019, when on iFunny, Reddit, and Me.Me severoceska the same meme. It derided a typical plot of the hentai.

О нет, мой лифчик упал


Girls in hentai: Oh no, my bra fell.

Only at the end of September, the meme has continued. On Reddit and social networks severoceska format with the bra. Users began to ironically describe a situation in which the girls deliberately dropped the underwear to draw attention to himself.

The value

Meme «Oh no, my bra fell» illustrates a situation in which the girls accidentally drop my underwear. Actually this is done on purpose for the sake of attracting men’s attention. The meme these situations are associated, as a rule, the material situation of the boys know the girls. In this respect, the meme is similar to another well-known meme «are you just a producer?»


О нет, мой лифчик упал

Oh no the bra fell off


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Author: AlenaSexi