I’m tired, I’m

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I’m tired, I’m meme, which is associated with new year’s speech of Boris Yeltsin, announced his resignation. In fact, the first Russian President did not say «I am tired».


31 December 1999, Russian President Boris Yeltsin made a new year’s address. A 10-minute speech, he announced his resignation and appointed a successor Vladimir Putin. Most Russians years later, the memorable phrase «I’m tired. I’m leaving,» which was later transformed into a joke «I mochoruk». But in fact, Yeltsin did not say «I am tired». Here is a verbatim text of his speech:

Dear friends! My dear! Today I last time address to you new year’s greetings. But that’s not all. Today I last time address to you as President of Russia.

I made a decision.

Slowly and painfully pondered over it. Today, the last day of the outgoing century, I resign.


I never said that, today, it is important for me to tell you that. The pain each of you spoke the pain in me, in my heart. Sleepless nights, painful experiences: what should be done to people at least a little, at least a little life was easier and better? I didn’t have more important tasks.

I’m leaving. I did everything I could. And not health, and on the set of all problems. I replaced a new generation, a generation of people who can do more and better.

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Why do we all remember the phrase «I’m tired. I’m leaving»? In one version of this meme came up with KVN schiki. So, for example, writes Lurkmore. However, proof of this hypothesis has not been preserved.

The second version — a trivial effect Mandela. It lies in the fact that the majority of people the same false memories. About it in the book «Russian America» writes lim ward. Apparently, the addition about fatigue appeared in the public consciousness because the President really looked tired during treatment.

Anyway, the phrase «I’m tired, I’m» really a cruise. This misconception was strengthened after the people appeared joke «I’m tired. I mochoruk».

я устал я мухожук

The revival of the meme

In 2019 meme «I’m tired. I’m leaving» again became actual. It began to spread to the public «Vkontakte» in September. The pattern of the majority of memes has become a screenshot from a recording of the same speech and says «I’m tired».

Its peak of popularity, a new wave of memes about Yeltsin reached 20 days of the month. A large community has published a variety of options memes with a situation in which I want to say-elzanowski «I’m tired».

The value

Meme «I’m tired, I’m» used people, when their fatigue and desire to leave. For example, say, dismissing from their jobs or leaving school.

In 2019 meme «I’m tired» is also used for its intended purpose. But it evolved into a full-fledged macro that complement the ironic situation. About his fatigue, for example, «tells» the brain during the exam or the student sitting at the Desk.


я устал я ухожу мем


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Author: AlenaSexi