Running like Naruto

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Running like Naruto (Naruto Runner) is a series of memes with the guy who ran in the style of Naruto shortly before the storm «Area 51» during a live broadcast on local TV. Videos from this episode became viral and spawned a bunch of memes.


On September 20, the eve of the storm «Area 51» in social networks sawiroebis video with a guy who ran like Naruto behind the reporter. This time I got to the TV channel KTNV. And then the passage went on the Internet.

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Frames from the video quickly became templates for memes. Before the storm (which never took place) on Reddit began to honor a hero and to do with it memes. Came at least two templates.

Бегущий как Наруто

Бегущий как Наруто

The guy’s name is Elia Elixir, and he’s a youtuber. As it became known later, Elia lit up again directly at the gate checkpoint.

The guy was in the same crowd of 75-100 people who came to the gates of «Area 51» and communicate with the guards. Elia repeated the run in the style of Naruto than amused guards.

And again the footage from this episode became a meme on Reddit, where he bent and pushed his hands back, has become a template. It lit up one of the guards.

Бегущий как Наруто

Today is the best day in the life of the guards as «Area 51».

The next day after the «storm» guy was the main hero of epoch-making events. Who was he to know it was easy. It turns out that the TV station KTNV did to Elia full report, but he severoceska later.

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The guy took advantage of his success. He gash on the Reddit thread in Ask / tell me Anything. In 12 hours there were over 600 comments and 6,5 thousand likes.

Not cost of without review on YouTube. Elixir promptly published a video on his channel, humbly calling it «I MEM».

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In the video the guy talks about his emotions after all these years and once again ran in the style of Naruto.

The value

Run Naruto (Naruto Run) — this is the running style associated with the main character of the animated series «Naruto». The hero name is Naruto Uzumaki. On the Internet running Naruto became a meme. This movement is repeated many youtubers and anime fans.

Run Naruto has become the main feature of the storm «Area 51» at the very beginning. Creating the famous group on Facebook, its Creator wrote that the raiders will need to gather the crowd together and running like Naruto to storm.


Бегущий как Наруто мем

Бег Наруто мем


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