Shaking a dummy

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Shaking the mannequin (Mannequin Shaking) — video with a female dummy in a red wig, which shakes the song SOPHIE “Not Okay (Alone Mix)”. Meme shows irritation, anger in different situations.


16 Sep 2019 Twitter user @muriolirum posted a video with shaky dummy the song SOPHIE “Not Okay (Alone Mix)”. In three days the video gathered 2 million views and 8 thousand likes.

Other Twitter users began to spread this video and come up with their own versions of the situations with which they associate the shaking of the mannequin.

White women of middle age, when the employee is working for minimum wage, reports that the validity of their coupon has expired

The value

Shaking the mannequin meme about the situations in which a person experiences extreme irritation when you already shaking. It can also Express anger that a person can not hide, but still can keep. Or anxiety, when a person trembles from fear or nerves.

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