Chilijski and joy of Shuka. Russian version pokeemon

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Artist Dima Ling drew a few artifacts on a popular Russian memes. The author portrayed them in the way of pokemon, and it turned out very well. But creatures no names.

A post with 5 pictures was released on September 12, the public Woostar. The author has duplicated the arts on “Peekaboo”, which regularly puts their creations.

So, first pokemom on the basis of a cat with the body of potatoes (the people his name Filipski).

покемон чилипиздрик

And this is Stoch and its evolution So blet.

покемоны как мемы

Joy of Shuka.

ъуъ покемон

Agutin with the red button.

агутин покемон

And two-face meme with a dehumidifier.


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Author: AlenaSexi