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Slope, slopes (slofie, literally “slow selfie”) — feature shooting in the new iPhone 11, with the help of which you can do the short slow-motion video without audio.

What is slope?

The term slope (slofie) comes from two words: slow (slow) and selfie (a selfie). Thus, literally — it’s a slow selfie. In fact, the result is almost no different from gif images (gifs). It turns out that the new product from Apple — the ability to take a snapshot of gifs.

Как сделать слоуфи

How to make slope?

In order to use the slofie, first and foremost, you will need the right gadget. Technology have with the following models: iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. All these smartphones were presented at the Apple presentation 10 September 2019. Sales will begin on September 20.

To make slope, just select this feature in video mode. Put the smartphone screen in front of him and perform the action. Video recorded in slow motion and without sound. For example, several times to turn his head. Then slope your hair will effectively flutter to the side.

Here’s how it looks in practice:

But how is slope in the presentation video from Apple:

[embedded content]

Jokes and memes about slope

Of course, the novelty amused users. First, many puzzled by the fact that slope like normal gifs.

Слоуфи это

Secondly, many have found a suitable Association. Here is a character from the cartoon “Zeropolis”:

Слоуфи это

слоуфи айфон 11

Anyway, many are encouraged by the technology. It seems that soon it will become the new trend. Its development can be followed on hashtag on instagram: #slofie

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Author: AlenaSexi