Make-up during the earthquake

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Make-up during an earthquake (Earthquake software) — a series of memes and parodies on the video for makapu, during which the alleged earthquake. The girl applied lipstick, and at this moment when the tremors started. In the end, the makeup smeared. The youtubers started to add video embed from movies and other viral videos.


Blogger Ali J on 6 July 2019 posted a video with the title “Instructional videos on Macau during the earthquake in Los Angeles”. The video became viral, it was viewed more than 900 thousand people.

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But some users questioned the authenticity of what is happening. To prove that the video is fake, failed due to small details. Someone found out that the original video was recorded in the”earthquake simulator” for more than 2 years ago. That is, she planned this prank.

мейкап во время землетрясения

One of the first parodies of the video were published on July 19 on Facebook page Living in 2077. There is a reason for the failure of Macapa was not an earthquake, but the dancing Hardbass guy.

In the days that followed the format of such remixes become popular on YouTube. People began to substitute funny dance videos, etc.


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Author: AlenaSexi