Evil Plankton

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The evil Plankton (Plankton Cringing) — meme with the character in the movie “spongebob Squarepants,” green-eyed Plankton. He was red with anger and can’t hold back, whole body tensed veins. Meme illustrates the maximum annoying situation.


November 14, 2004 in rolling out the feature film “spongebob Squarepants”. In the story Mr. Krabs opens a second restaurant, the Krusty Krab. It its main enemy and competitor Plankton. 24 Feb 2012 the Movieclips channel is flooded this scene on YouTube.

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June 1, 2017 user GuyWithThePie mounted video Plankton Cringing. He added red, heavy music and made a frame shaking to amplify the effect. Kring is a feeling of terrible shame in the face with anger, usually towards the person who creates some kind of game.

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That is called Plankton Cringing this meme later became known in the West. 1 September 2017 on 4Сһап put the frame with the Plankton, to which was added red.

Злой Планктон

May 10, 2018 Reddit user SoonerAjay photoshopped Plankton small wheel and added to the picture caption: “When someone overtakes you on a faster lane only to slow down”.

Злой Планктон

The meme became popular, went on social networks, including in the Russian segment. In July 2019 the evil Plankton again surfaced on Reddit in the section on blogger PewDiePie. July 5, the user CrPepsi added to the template with Plankton inscription “Visible Frustration” (Visible irritation).

Злой Планктон

When your meme the first time out in the top of the subreddit, but it’s a week of games and Puds does not review the subreddit

[Visible irritation]

In this embodiment, the meme also became popular used as a clean template without a signature, so the option labeled “Apparent irritation”.

The value

Evil cringely Plankton or Plankton — meme, illustrating the extreme degree of shame and irritation. When you’re so ashamed of someone else’s stupidity or inappropriate behaviour, you literally boil with anger. In Runet this emotion is often referred to as “Spanish shame”.

The word cringe is literally translated as “cringe”. This feeling can cause people from real life and other Internet users, or characters of movies and series.

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